Top Buttons Nashville

What We Do


Wearing Confidence Program

As part of our Wearing Confidence Program, young women ages 11-25 that are enrolled with us through organizations such as Youth Villages and Big Brothers Big Sisters will receive..

 Faith-based educational sessions on topics such as “On the Job Attire,” “Cultural Impact on Clothing Ethics,” “Understanding Contextual Modesty,” “Self-Compassion,” and “Positive Body Image."

  • Personal Styling Services
  • At least one wardrobe makeover with up to $75 of quality proper fitting attire
  • New Undergarments
  • Bonus vouchers to receive more clothing based on need
  • A Top Buttons T-Shirt
  • Skin care and makeup tutorial
  • Free makeup which has been carefully selected for their skin tone
  • Photoshoot with images to keep
  • Ongoing mentorship